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Though a fair paycheck is an employee's main motivation, many businesses have found success in hiring and retaining a dedicated, talented staff by offering a comprehensive benefits package. Ultimately, employees wish to work at the place that offers the most, which may include factors such as pay, benefits, location, company ethics, dress code and more. READ MORE >>

NEW YORK, August 18, 2014 — In some areas of the country, a combination of increasing urban development in seismically active areas and large numbers of older buildings that do not adhere to current building codes suggests the potential cost of an earthquake is likely to rise, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I. READ MORE >>

Surety bonds are essentially a guarantee that the principal will perform their job as detailed in the contract. If a person or business hires a bonded contractor and the work does not get done as promised, the company that issued the bond is responsible for the resulting financial losses. READ MORE >>

We all know that smoking is a nasty habit that has been undeniably linked to serious illnesses like emphysema, cancer, stroke, heart disease and more. By lighting up that cigarette, you’re increasing your risk of incurring costly healthcare expenses. READ MORE >>

When it comes to life insurance, you have many choices but perhaps the two most popular types of life insurance are term life and whole life. But what is the difference between the two and which one should you choose? Whole life insurance is a type of policy that is designed to cover you for just that; your whole life. READ MORE >>

No matter how big or small your company may be, you need to carry business insurance to protect what you have worked so hard to create. These days, there are just as many threats to an organization as there are opportunities, and staying ahead of those threats is paramount to keeping your business alive and growing. READ MORE >>

Most people wouldn't drive without auto insurance. Likewise, a conscientious business owner wouldn’t let employees drive company cars and trucks without business auto insurance. What is that exactly? Business auto insurance is similar to personal car insurance, but designed to cover vehicles that are owned and operated by businesses and their employees. READ MORE >>

When a property owner hires a contractor, plumber electrician etc. to perform a job, he or she wants to know that the work will be completed as promised and with a high level of professionalism. Surety bonds are designed to increase this level of trust and security between business and client. How? READ MORE >>

Small businesses make up the majority of all US business endeavors. However, these are the businesses that face the most financial hardship, especially during slow seasons. While maintaining an insurance portfolio is of vital importance to all business owners, wouldn’t it be nice to save on your premium? READ MORE >>

Small Business Health Insurance Questions As an experienced California insurance agent, we can answer these as well as other frequently asked questions related to group health insurance for small business and health care reform in California. Q:  Are employers required to provide insurance to their employees? READ MORE >>

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